COVID19: February 14th 2021 Update

by | Feb 14, 2021

Good afternoon whanau

The safety of all our students, staff and community members is important to us.

We have had no communication from the DHB about any COVID concerns so Papatoetoe Intermediate is not considered to be at risk and so will remain open tomorrow. We will keep you updated if we have any other news.

If you have attended Papatoetoe High School (for work, or for your family) you should
–          look out for the communication from Papatoetoe High School,
–          check the COVID-19 helpdesk,
–          stay home and not go to work/school for Monday and Tuesday.

If you think this may apply to you please check the COVID-19 website or call the help desk. If your child is going to be away tomorrow because of COVID concerns please email your child’s teacher.

We understand that Papatoetoe High School will be closed for at least two days (Monday and Tuesday) until the close contacts have been tracked and testing completed. The DHB are investigating and will identify and contact every individual contact, if you are not contacted you do not need to worry.

If you develop symptoms you should get tested immediately. If you have been in the places at the stated times you should call the helpdesk who will tell you if you need to get tested or stay at home.

Information about testing centers can be found on the COVID website. Only get tested if you have been at the places at the times stated on the Covid-19 website.

In the meantime:
–         Wash your hands
–          Scan
–          Maintain distance and stay home if possible
–          Get tested if you have symptoms
–          Refer to the DHB website for guidance and information.
–          If you have questions or concerns ring the COVID-19

Be kind, support one another.
From the staff and Board of Trustees of Papatoetoe Intermediate School