28th June 2021

by | Jul 27, 2021

Monday 28th June 2021 at 6.00 p.m.


Jeremy Nicholls [Chairperson], Pauline Cornwell [Principal], Peter Cann, Darryl Wilson and Mohammed Sahu Khan [MoE appointed Trustees], Kirsty Ellis [Elected Trustee] and Heather Bates [Staff Elected Trustee]


Leigh Manukau [Elected Trustee]

In Attendance

Tess Carolissen [Executive Officer], Gareth Fletcher [Associate Principal] and Barbara Ferregel [BoT Secretary]

Thank you, Jeremy for the Karakia

Welcome Gareth :-

  • EOTC Report
    • Members had all received a copy of the report in their Board Book
    • Despite the weather the students had an amazing week. Attendance and participation was higher than in previous years.
    • Kayaking, Heritage/local area walk, Cultural Discovery/Auckland Museum and Kolmar Sports Centre
    • Kayaking – 2 groups cancelled due to weather. [Off shore winds] Moved to later in the year.
      • Follow up learning back at school
      • Students have work up on EDUCA
    • Free lunches in schools arrived early on these days for students to take lunches with them.
  • Skodel Report
    • Health and Well Being tool – currently on a 12 month trial
      • Staff meetings to train staff in the programme
      • Checking in how students are feeling at any given time
        • As students see the value in completing this numbers logging in should increase.
  • Sports Camp Approval [23rd – 27th August 2021]
    • Gareth presented a letter of approval for the Camp to go ahead
      • Moved Camp approval and related fundraising  Peter
        Seconded            Darryl
        Carried                 Unanimously
  • $350.00 per student to attend [this includes their uniform and transport]
  • Maximum of 40 students
  • 41 different codes across the week
  • Related fundraising
    • Sponsorship form for students to fundraise to attend Camp

Thank you Gareth – left the meeting at 6.40 pm.

6.40 p.m. Finance

–              Updated Auditors Report – tabled and shared with Board

–              Accepted by the Board
Board approved for this to go to MoE and up on our website
Moved                 Darryl
Seconded            Kirsty
Carried                 Unanimously

  • Commentary discussion and summaries [PIS and RTLB]
    • Members had all received the financial reports and had had time to read over these prior to the meeting.
    • Moved May finances are accepted          Pauline
      Seconded                                                Jeremy
      Carried                                                     Unanimously
  • Tess was happy to take any questions from the Board.
    • Over payment made to Property Consultants
    • All utility bills now on direct debits
  • Cleaning Contract – 2 year contract
    • 2 quotes were received and after discussion the Board decided to accept Crest Clean to continue with the school cleaning contract.
      • Moved          Peter
        Seconded     Darryl
        Carried         Unanimously
  • Recommendations
    • May 2021 Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet be accepted
      • Moved Heather
      • Seconded Darryl
      • Carried Unanimously
  • Thank you Tess, – left the meeting at 7.05 p.m.

Darryl moved a vote of thanks to Tess for her vigilance – much appreciated.
Carried                Unanimously

Previous minutes from the 24th May 2021
Moved as a correct record           Peter
Seconded                                    Jeremy
Carried                                         Unanimously

Matters Arising

  • Correct typo on page 15 – – Deputy Board Chair spelling
  • RTLB letter re funding and staffing– shared with Board [8 letters sent out to appropriate Parliament members and Ministry of Education]
  • Auditors – Pauline is investigating how the Board change their Audit Company.
    • Pauline had contacted Paul Lawrence [Crowe] to make the relevant changes to audited reports final report.

Principal’s Report

  • Free Lunches in Schools
    • Food provided for Kapa Haka was not acceptable – Pauline spoke with Deejays
    • Food arriving to students not hot enough
    • At this stage we have not noticed an increase in attendance
  • School Administrator – part time [20 hours a week]
    • For 2 terms at this stage
  • Staffing schedule tabled for term 3 2021
    • Fully staffed for term 3
  • Motatau Road raised crossing feedback discussed
  • Discuss around the use of sensor cameras on Great South Road to monitor illegal parking, dangerous driving etc.
    • Recommendation
      • Ratification of employment
        • Moved Jeremy
        • Carried Unanimously
  • RTLB Funding Agreement
    • Interest in continuing as the Lead School
      • Moved Peter
      • Seconded Darryl
      • Carried Unanimously


  • Watershed report supplied for May accepted. Board commented on how much property work is being undertaken.
    • Watertanks
      • Quote in – very high
      • On hold and we will try for funding
        • Moved the Property Report be accepted   Peter
          Seconded                    Mohammed
          Carried                        Unanimously

General Business

  • Ray’s farewell
    • 30 p.m. Scott Base on Thursday 8th July. All welcome

–   Raised pedestrian crossing change on Motatau Road – lots of people have responded

–    Letters to Parliament and MoE re RTLB funding

At 8.45 p.m. Jeremy moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.

  • Carried Unanimously

 The Board moved to In Committee.

 The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at 8.15 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed.

 The Board Chair and Principal agreed to carry out the actions outlined in the ‘in-committee’ meeting.

 Meeting closed at 8.20 p.m.

Next Meeting – Monday 26th July at 6.00 p.m.