At Papatoetoe Intermediate School we welcome applications from both local and international in-zone students.  We also take a limited number of out-of-zone students.  Our school does have an enrolment scheme in place which defines our school zone.  Our primary responsibility is to those children and families who live within our school zone.

Enrolment application packs are available to download from our website and are also sent to year 6 students attending contributing primary schools around mid-year for the following year.

Online enrolments are now available, see the links at the bottom of this section for enrolment options.

Please contact the school office on 09 278 9763, or email enrolments@papint.school.nz if you have any queries regarding enrolment at Papatoetoe Intermediate School.

Enrolment Documentation

Eligibility Document Required:
NZ Citizen
  • NZ Birth Certificate (stating citizen at birth)
  • Current NZ Passport
  • NZ Citizenship Certificate
NZ Resident
  • Copy of passport and resident visa
Student Visa
  • Copy of current student visa and passport information AND
  • Copy of one parents current work visa and passport information
  • Proof of address in the name of the legal guardian. Please provide TWO of the following if applying in zone. (Please note that the residential address of the LEGAL guardian is the address that will be used for enrolment).
Living Situation Documents Required:
  • Copy of utility account (Power, Gas, Water rates, Council rates) (In the name of the legal guardian)
  • Copy of Tenancy agreement (In the name of the legal guardian)
Temp housing
  • Letter from Housing NZ or other relevant government agencies.

If you are unable to provide one of these documents, please contact the office to discuss what steps you need to take to apply in zone to Papatoetoe Intermediate School.

  • Latest school report and any other relevant educational documentation
  • Student Immunisation Record and any other relevant health documents
  • Custody/Protection order if applicable

In Zone

The law requires that Papatoetoe Intermediate School gives priority to enrolling students who live in our home zone (please see the bottom of the page for our zoning map).  If you are applying for the following year please submit you application by the end of term 3.

Out of Zone

2024 Out of Zone Dates:
Applications open (in and out of zone): Monday 17th July 2023
Out of zone Application closing date: Wednesday 30th August 2023 at 3pm – No out-of-zone applications can be accepted after this time.
Ballot date: Wednesday 6th September 2023 for any allocated balloted places the school has available.

Out of zone places, where available, are offered according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Special Programmes approved by the Secretary of Education – Children who play an instrument as part of the Tironui Trust.
Priority 2: Siblings of current students
Priority 3: Siblings of former students
Priority 4: Children of former students
Priority 5: Children of a Board of Trustees member and/or School employee
Priority 6: All other applicants.

If the student is applying under Priority 4 (child of a former student), we then require proof of the parents’ attendance at Papatoetoe Intermediate School such as an old school report or photo.

Where the numbers of students exceed the places available, a ballot will be held from the group with the lowest priority according to the rules set down by the Secretary of Education.  Out of zone applications must be lodged by the cut off date provided by the ministry of education and a ballot will be held after this date.  Letters notifying out of zone applicants of the outcome of the ballot will be emailed out to families as soon as a decision has been made.

Out of zone Applications during the school year

To apply out of zone to our school you must apply within the stated dates provided by the ministry of education.  If you miss the cut off date and would still like to apply to our school out of zone please contact the office to discuss your options.


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