BOARD MINUTES – 24th July 2023

by | Aug 30, 2023

Monday 24th July 2023 6.00 p.m. in the Meeting Room

Jeremy Nicholls [Presiding Member] Peter Cann, Darryl Wilson and Mohammed Sahu Khan – [MoE appointed Trustees], Lilien Skudder [Staff appointed Trustee], Lofi Tuala, Leigh Manukau [Parent Elected Trustee] and Kimiora Parata [Deputy Chair – Parent Elected Trustee]  and Pauline Cornwell – [Principal]

In Attendance
Sanjeev Kumar [Associate Principal] – Community consultation, Cultural Groups and Student Leadership. Donna Young [Deputy Principal] and Tracy Prout [Associate Principal] – Assessment and Reporting/Summary of mid year data, Tamara Gersbach [RTLB Cluster Manager] – June RLTB report and Barbara Ferregel [Board Secretary]


Thank you, Leigh for the Karakia,

Tracy presented all the Board members and Tamara, with a pot of honey each from our school beehives.
Thank you, Tracy.

Welcome to Sanjeev
–  Community Consultation
–   Hui on Wednesday 19th July
–  Maori Hui on Wed was attended by a pleasing number from our community.
–  Can we reach out to our local community/churches etc to encourage extended families to attend?
–  Food was very well received
–  Data will be analysed for future strategic planning
–  Tongan/Niuean – 7th September
–   Fijian/Indian – 10th October
–   Samoan/Cook Island – 2nd November
–  Families are welcome to attend all the Hui’s regardless of ethnicities
–  All families are welcome and questionnaire is shared across the school.
–   The Tongan/Niuean Hui will be during Tongan Language Week.
–   Budget for Hui’s – $8000.00 to be shared amongst ALL4 hui nights and 8 Cultural Groups.
–  Board would like to increase this amount but unfortunately it is not financially possible at the moment.
–  Thank you to staff who work so hard preparing food on the night.

  • Cultural Groups
    • 24 groups – 8 performance groups
      • Programme is designed to teach about different cultures and diversity.
      • Cultural Electives – every Thursday [24 groups]
    • Student Leadership Provision
      • Schools are more effective when students have input into decisions and if students believe that their feedback and thoughts are taken into account when events are organised and managed. Our school is developing this feedback and decision-making cycle and seeking to make it both more apparent to students.
        • Head student leaders and class leaders
  • Students who are not awarded a Student Leader roll are awarded other leadership roles ranging from PE/sports, science, librarians, lunch monitors, health ambassadors, IT monitors, environment monitors, rubbish monitors and resource monitors.
  • Head student Leaders for 2024 – top student leaders. This may not be 5 girls and 5 boys. The best student will be appointed to the appropriate leadership role.
  • This is heading to a more equitable, strengths-based and inclusive system of leadership development.

Thank you, Sanjeev,

Welcome to Tracy and Donna

  • Tracy shared with the Board a summary of Achievement and Progress MOY data 2023
    • Data is low – some of the contributing factors to this data are
      • Students have had interrupted learning during a time when they should have been developing the foundations in literacy and numeracy due to the Pandemic
      • Teacher shortage
      • High number of overseas trained teachers on our staff
      • Currently almost half of the schools classroom teachers are either PRTs [Provisional Registered Teachers] or OTTs [Overseas Trained Teachers], and therefore require support and mentoring from experienced NZ trained teachers.
      • Pressure to find relievers who are ‘good enough’.
        • Is our data in line with other Schools in the area?
          • Donna will share this at an AP/DP meeting and feed back to the Board.
            • Kahui Ako Group have requested this data to share and compare.

Thank you Tracy and Donna

Welcome to Tamara

  • RTLB June report
    • LSF funding/spending moving along nicely
    • Funding agreement – end of if any left over the Ministry can take this back
      • Ministry have allowed Cluster 10 to keep their left over balance
      • Need to spend this
        • Cloak bay/storage area currently used as meeting spaces – use some of this money to make these spaces look more friendly and comfortable.
          • $52,000.00 available – needs Board approval to spend some of this. [$22,000.00 needed to upgrade this area]
            • Moved                Pauline
              Seconded           Peter
              Carried               Unanimously
  • Can the balance be used somewhere else?
    • Look at parking.
  • Concern over reduction in staffing – will be confirmed in October.
    • One RTLB has resigned as of January 2024
    • If we need to lose 2, will have to follow the stated Ministry process to reduce RTLB numbers.
  • 2024 Calendar – two extra TODs are sti9ll to be confirmed for curriculum refresh PD.
    • Moved Tamara’s report is accepted Jeremy
      Carried                                             Unanimously
  • Approval to re-sign the RTLB Funding and Service Agreement
    • Moved                 Lilien
      Seconded           Lofi
      Carried               Unanimously

Thank you to Tamara

The normal meeting resumed at 7.25 p.m.

Group photo taken for the Website

Previous minutes – 26th June 2023
                            Moved as a correct record           Lilien
Seconded                                        Pauline
Carried                                             Unanimously

Matters arising

  • Corrine Peters – response from email re the letter sent to Jenny Salesa
  • Jeremy will make this available for the August meeting

Principal’s Report –
–             Shared with the Board in the Board Folder and hard copies available.
–             Assuming all members have read the report and read all the links online.
–             Roll growth is due to infill housing in Papatoetoe, this growth continues.
–  Employment
–  Diane Schutt has resigned from Study Centre after 16 Years
–  Ashvini Kumar and Lilymoana Manu appointed. 2 days each a week [currently working in our school as
Teacher Aides]

Recommendations Approved          Lofi
Seconded                                        Leigh
Carried                                            Unanimously

–             Financial graphs to be reformatted making it easier for Board to read
–  Key to be returned to the graph
–  Anna’s comment – surplus of $88,989 thousand.
–             Tracking approx 200 thousand up from the budget [we will need this money to complete the ‘old’ Admin
–  In a pretty healthy state.
–  Skodel – students and staff were not committing to this programmed. Decision was made to remove
Pauline moved the financial documents are accepted.
Moved                Lofi
Seconded           Peter
Carried               Unanimously

–         Spate of vandalism in the school. Hoping this is now under control

  • Signed off –
    • 5 million for the old Admin building to be upgraded
      • Changing the inside of the building to classrooms will be our cost
    • Procurement plans for the old admin area
    • Short term 300,000 thousand dollar fix for the Mt Richmond classes. [up to 3 years to get the new classes ready]

Moved the Property and sign offs are accepted                 Lilien
Seconded                                                                           Kimi
Carried                                                                               Unanimously

Correspondence and tabled documents
–             Kainga Ora – re 38 Great South Road redevelopment
–             Manawatia a Matariki – Guidance on how to use karakia
–             MoE – Primary Principals’ settlement – Collective Agreement
–             Everyday Matters Term 1 and 2 attendance data
–             Copy of the 1st July return

Correspondence and tabled documents
Accepted            Jeremy
Carried                Unanimously

Other Business
–             Conflict of Interest forms signed by Mohammed and Darryl.
–             Code of Conduct for Board Members – signed by Darryl and Mohammed.
–             Members that went to the NZSTA Conference in Rotorua –
–             Pauline, Jeremy, Lilien, Lofi, Leigh and Kimi
–             All members reported that it was a very worthwhile conference and the keynote speakers
were definitely well received.
–             Great ‘bonding’ time for our new members
–             Would be great to see the full Board attend the 2024 Conference in Wellington
–             Thank you to Lofi for taking her car and to Lilien and Kimi the driver
–             Term dates for 2024. Ministry has also allocated 2 TOD. Once these dates are made available
the Leadership Team will decide where they best fit and seek Board approval.
–             2024 Meeting Dates – extra meeting added in January 2024.
Approved           Pauline
Seconded           Peter
Carried                Unanimously

At 7.45 p.m. Jeremy moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.
Seconded            Lilien
              Carried                Unanimously
The Board moved to continue with the In Committee meeting.
The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at 8.500 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed.
The Board Chair and Principal agreed to carry out the actions outlined in the ‘in-committee’ meeting.

Meeting closed at   9.00 p.m.

Next Meeting on 28th August 2023 at 6.00 p.m.