BOARD MINUTES – 28th November 2022

by | Feb 21, 2023

Monday 28th November 2022 6.00 p.m. in the Principal’s Office

Jeremy Nicholls [Presiding Member], Peter Cann and Mohammed Sahu-Khan – [MoE appointed Trustees], Leigh Manukau, Kimiora Parata and Lofi Tuala – [Parent Elected Trustees], Lilien Skudder [Staff appointed Trustee]  and Pauline Cornwell – [Principal]

In Attendance
Barbara Ferregel [Board Secretary]

Apologies– Darryl Wilson [MoE appointed Trustee] 

Thank you Jeremy for the Karakia 

Welcome to Tamara Gersbach – RTLB Cluster Manager
–     November Report
Funding agreement between the Ministry, Board and RTLB. Very clear in the Board report showing the Board the yearly progress.
        Asset register is all updated and accepted
         Approved         Jeremy
         Carried             Unanimously
        Refreshed Strategic Plan and Annual Plan that sits behind it 2023 – 2025

Approved         Peter
Seconded        Mohammed
Carried            Unanimously

–  Annual Narrative [to be approved]
Approved         Peter
Seconded        Mohammed
Carried            Unanimously

–  Te Ropu Kairanga o  Manawanui Strategic Plan – 2023 to 2025.

–  Strategic Plan 2023 – 2025 FOLA
        Focuses on Pacifica Education 

Previous minutes – 31st October 2022
   Moved as a correct record       Peter
Seconded                                Lofi
Carried                                    Unanimously

Matters arising 
        Letter to family thanking them for the Camp donation

Principal’s Report – taken as read –  Shared with the Board in the Board Folder and hard copies
        4 resignations
        –   1 appointment
        –   Paid immigration and registered so that we can appoint overseas teachers
–  Interviewed 2 overseas teachers who we would like to employ

        Waiting on approximately 50 late in zone enrolments for Year 7 2023
        Initial student data in – data reports to the Board before the end of this year
        International Day on Friday 25th November
         –   Amazing day – with performances and food
        Careers Day on 23rd November – this was a great success

Overseen by Watershed – October Property report shared with members
        Update from MoE re funding was included with the Principal’s Report
        Old Admin – rotten floor in staffroom
o   Consent issued and funding approved for Admin Block work to start
        Mt Richmond Satellite classes – MoE has accepted the Master Plan and suggested placement.
        RTLB Meeting room relocation has been confirmed as part of the project along with the hard courts to           be located outside rooms 2 – 10.

        Watershed Property Report
         o   Shade sails checked
         o   2 new drinking fountains approved – Mountain Fresh
         o   Window winders will not be happening as MoE funding does not apply to our type of winders.
         o   Old Admin Block – AS Jacobs managing the project
              §  May need approval over the Christmas break – if this happens Board Members will be emailed.
         o   Cyclical maintenance was discussed and approved
        Paid Union meetings for teachers and principals
         o   There may be possible strike action in the near future.
        Board would like to receive a copy of the Skodel Annual Report
         o   Invite Gareth to the February meeting to report to the Board on how Skodel works and what is the
engagement from staff and students.

Approval for
        NZSTA renewal
         o   Very worthwhile to have their support.
        o   Lots of benefits
        Strategic Plan doc – to be approved at February 2023 meeting
        o   Accepted it as a tabled document
        Accept the Principal’s Report and approvals

Moved             Mohammed
Seconded        Peter
Carried            unanimously

        2023 updated budget for the school and RTLB shared with the Board
        Thank you to Anna for supporting Lee-Anne with her transition into her Financial Managers position.
Lee-Anne has picked up all this support and is doing a great job.

Pauline moved that the Board accept the October financial Reports
Seconded        Jeremy
Carried             Unanimously

Correspondence and tabled documents
        School Tex letter – increase in School Tshirt price
        Change in Regular Attendance – comparitive documents from the Ministry [our school attendance is
higher than the national average]
        Everyday Matters Attendance Data
        RTLB – Te Ropu Kairanga O Manawanui Strategic Plan 2023
        RTLB – Colour code tracking sheet for progress across 2023

Correspondence and tabled documents
            Accepted         Jeremy
           Seconded        Peter
            Carried            Unanimously

Other Business
Board members have all been invited to:
        Awards Ceremonies and Year 8 Graduation
             Monday 12th December
             – Team Puanga – 9.00 am.
               Team Rehua – 12.00 p.m.
        Supreme Prize Giving – 14th December at 11.30 a.m.
          –          Jeremy, Lofi, Kimiora and Lilien attending

Are you coming to Waitangi?
      24th to the 25th January 2023 [confirmed Kimiora]

Journey to Te Tiriti
        26th and 27th November
        Lofi and Lilien reported on the 2 days
o   Fantastic 2 days
o   Treaty Grounds Tour and information was amazing. Very empowering.

Because Heather is no longer on the Board – we do miss the RTLB input.
        We have previously contacted NZSTA requesting we co-opt another staff member, and this was a  ‘no’
from NZSTA – we cannot have 2 staff reps of the Board.

Paying Board Members to attend Suspension Hearings
        Discussed but not needed at this stage.

Student representatives invited to March Board Meeting
        To organise this early next year.

At 7.15 p.m. Jeremy moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.
                    Seconded         Peter
                    Carried           Unanimously

The Board moved to continue with the In Committee meeting.
The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at  7.30 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed.
The Board Chair and Principal agreed to carry out the actions outlined in the ‘in-committee’ meeting.

 Meeting closed at   7.30  p.m.-         

Next Meeting on 20th February 2023 at 6.00 p.m.