BOARD MINUTES – 29th May 2023

by | Jun 27, 2023

Monday 29th May 2023 6.00 p.m. in the Meeting Room

Jeremy Nicholls [Presiding Member] Peter Cann – [MoE appointed Trustees],  Lilien Skudder [Staff appointed Trustee]  and Pauline Cornwell – [Principal]
Lofi Tuala [Parent Elected Trustee] – arrived at 6.25 p.m. due to traffic problems

In Attendance
Barbara Ferregel [Board Secretary], Tamara Gersbach [RTLB Cluster Manager], Donna Young [Deputy Principal], Tracy Prout [Associate Principal], Jenny Sivilay [Parent], Latoya Neki  [parent] and Ana Neki-Ngariki [student]

Mohammed Sahu-Khan and Darryl Wilson [MoE appointed Trustee] Leigh Manukau and Kimiora Parata [Parent Elected Trustee]

Thank you, Jeremy for the Karakia,

Welcome –
          Jenny Sivilay – Mum to a student in Room 1
o   Attended EOTC – Temple visits and thoroughly enjoyed them.
o   Jenny extended an invitation to the school to visit the Church she is a member of – New
      Life Church in Manurewa. Works at this Church and the Church has the facilities to
     accommodate the school. They would love to be part of the school community.
    §  Along with our ethnicities come different religions
    §  The Board and School are open to options and cultures
o   Pauline advised Jenny that the school will definitely take up her offer and will be in touch.
     Pauline introduced Jenny to Tracy. Tracy will contact Jenny.
o   Jeremy thanked Jenny for attending.

          Latoya Neki and Ana
o   Mum of Ana Room 15.
    §  Staff and school offer lots of opportunities and encourage Ana to get involved.
    §  Jeremy encouraged Ana to come and see any Leadership members if at all worried.
    §  Jeremy explained to the family that the school does not tolerate ‘bullying’ and were
        pleased to hear that Ana had had a problem that had been resolved and she was now great
        friends with the student.
   §  Jeremy explained to Latoya how the Board governs the school

          Tracy Prout and Donna Young
o   One page summary of core curriculum of achievement and progress BOY 2023
    §  The summary is an overall teacher judgment based on standardized assessments and
        observations of learning in the classroom. These judgments inform the data presented in the
   §  Data is broken down more within the curriculum teams and leaders look at where support
       is required.
   §  Quite noticeable with the new enrolments coming in each week that we are getting a high
       number of enrolments where students are struggling with reading and writing. These are
       usually international students.

  o   EDUCA
      §  Working towards EDUCA as our platform for reporting to parents.
         ·       We are still in the position where we need to provide parents with a simple one-page summary of
                 their child’s progress in the following areas.
                 o   Reading
                 o   Writing
                 o   Maths
                 o   Participating and contribution in year 7
                 o   Participation and leadership in year 8
                 o   Attendance
                 o   General comments
    §  Re Key Competencies
    §  Attendance is also noted in the report
    §  The reports are provided in terms 2 and 4
    §  How are these distributed
        ·         Handed out at 3-way conferences
        ·         Posted on EDUCA a week after conference week
    §  Teachers and students are posting regularly on EDUCA – like every 2 weeks.
        ·         Teachers approve students posts before the student can post it to EDUCA.

Thank you, Tracy, and Donna.
Donna and Tracy left the meeting at 6.45 p.m.

          Tamara Gersbach
           o   May is a summary time for RTLB
               §  Tamara had shared with the Board
                    ·         Capability Continuum that RTLB can categorise themselves into 3 areas of Capability.
                    ·         Document showing request and LSF Statistics for the Cluster for the year 2022
                    ·         Professional Growth Cycle
                    ·         RTLB Service Satisfaction Survey 2022
        o   National – 48% responses
        o   Auckland – 57% responses
        o   Cluster 10 Papatoetoe/Otara –  69% responses
             ·         Cluster 10 is tracking very positively – this shows in the results of the Satisfaction Survey.
        o   Well done Tamara and your Team.
        o   Financial Declaration signed by Board Chair
        o   MoE is going to claw back any funds at the end of the 2021 funding agreement.
             ·         Not big for Cluster 10 – possibly only $1000.00

 Thank you, Tamara
Tamara left the meeting at 7.15 p.m.

Previous minutes – 27th March 2022
        Moved as a correct record       Lilien
          Second                                     Lofi    
          Carried                                     Unanimously

Matters arising
          Jeremy called for nominations for Deputy Chair
           o   Kimiora Parata nominated by Peter
           o   Seconded by Lofi
               §  Accepted by Kimi via email.

Principal’s Report – 
          Shared with the Board in the Board Folder and hard copies available.
          Assuming all members have read the report and read all the links online.
           o   Pauline highlighted areas of her report –
                §  Attendance officer correspondence
                §  Staffing and roll growth
                    ·         Ministry have not caught up with our roll growth
                §  Support Staff – attendance and completion of Physical Restraint PD
                    ·         Signed off by Board Chair –
                    ·         Alisha Spiers ·         Ashvini Kumar
                    ·         Chrystal Takiaho ·         Craig Hooper
                    ·         David Su’a ·         Laurette Hummels
                    ·         Lilymoana Manu ·         Marie Leota
                    ·         Philesha Takiaho ·         Reese Eramiha
      o   Document signed by Board Chair and filed.
           §  33 Teaching staff also completed the training.
           §  All staff have received a certificate of participation in the Physical Restraint Workshop.
      o   Search and Seizure document approved.
           §  New cards for staff who have permission to do this will be issued later this month
      o   Civil Defence procedures have been reviewed.
      o   Roll growth is due to infill housing – all in zone students

          Term Deposits x 2 -approved
            o   Moved      Jeremy
            o   Carried     Unanimously
          Anna will attend the June Board meeting with new budget figures
          Vehicle for Caretaker – to replace the mule. Board to approve up to $20,000.00 if Anna [SAJ services]
            agrees that we have the funds to cover this purchase.
            o   Approved        Peter
            o   Seconded        Lilien
            o   Carried             Unanimously
          End of Year financial documents
           o   Representation letter for the year ended 31 December 2022
           o   Auditors Report to the Board – 31 December 2022
           o   Annual Report – for the year ended 31 December 2022
                       §  Approved         Peter
                          Seconded        Jeremy
                          Carried             Unanimously

 Approvals/Recommendations to be approved:
          Search and Seizure document
          Approve additional Management units until the end of 2023 due to the appointment of new AP
          Approval needed to cover property costs on the roof [between the Library and Blue Room] due to
           weather damage – final cost TBC.
          Toilets outside gymnasium – 15 years old. $15,000 to replace and bring these up to scratch – Board
          Drains outside the Admin Area.
          Staffing – employment
          Board is concerned about the school buildings not adequate for the current roll growth.
–          Jeremy will ring/email the Ministry letting them know of the Boards concern
          Pauline moved that the Board accept the April/May School and RTLB Reports, Financial, Commentaries,
            Bank Statements and Visas and approvals/recommendations.
                           Seconded        Lilien
                           Carried             Unanimously

          Continuing to update asset register
          Due to all the recent wet weather, there are leaking and flooding problems arising all the time.
           o   Dealt with at the time
          Classes renumbered – due to roll growth
          RTLB classes to be renumbered RTLB 1, RTLB 2 etc.
          Motatau Road gate damaged by visitor
          Cyclical maintenance discussed
           o   Looking at the need to repaint the school.
           o   Scheduled for 2024.
                      Moved the Property Report is accepted             Jeremy
                      Carried                                                               Unanimously

Correspondence and tabled documents

          Extension of Crest Cleaning Contract – one year only with the clause of continuing at the same price.
          Reply from Jenny Salesi re Immigration letter
          Hon Jan Tinetti – re attendance and Engagement
          Everyday Matters Term 1 attendance data

 Correspondence and tabled documents
            Accepted         Jeremy
            Carried             Unanimously

Other Business
–          Document shared with members – ethnicities and contributing schools
–          It is likely that we may only take around 25 out of zone students in 2024.
–          This will be confirmed once the school have an idea of how many in zone students we are to expect. Later
in Term 3. 

–          NZSTA Conference – Rotorua 20th to 23rd July
            –          Jeremy, Kimi, Lofi, Leigh, Pauline and Lilien
–          Members registered and have received confirmation.
–          Conflict of Interest forms signed by members present – Jeremy, Pauline, Peter, Lofi  and 
            Lilien. Still to complete – Mohammed, Darryl, Kimi, and Leigh.
–          Do we need to add in financial wording – maybe ‘I am not involved with any Contracts
           that Papatoetoe Intermediate School are holders of’
–          September Meeting date change – from 25th September to the 18th September [Leadership
–          Staff will be attending 3 days of professional development from the 25th – 27th Sept 2023 – staying on
            site at Waitakere Resort and Leisure, during the first week of the school holidays.]

             Approved                        Lofi
             Seconded                       Lilien
             Carried                           Unanimously

          Peter – Pacifica medical association [covers anyone in Health] – Peter’s wife is the Chair of this Board.
            o   Peter shared some good news regarding students from Otahuhu College who have graduated this
                 year as doctors [4 students] and Dentist [one student]
            o   If any of these students are ex-students – maybe we could invite them along as a Guest Speaker for
                 our Supreme Prize Giving
                    §  Peter’s son-n-law is a professional league player who may also be suitable as a speaker at
                        prize giving or at the Careers Day.

At 8.15 p.m. Jeremy moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.
                            Seconded        Lilien
                           Carried             Unanimously

 Jenny Sivilay, Latoya Neki and Ana left the meeting at 8.15 p.m.
Thank you for coming.

The Board moved to continue with the In Committee meeting.
The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at 8.40 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed.
The Board Chair and Principal agreed to carry out the actions outlined in the ‘in-committee’ meeting.

Meeting closed at   8.45 p.m.

Next Meeting on 26th June 2023 at 6.00 p.m.