BoT December 2020 Minutes

by | Feb 23, 2021

Tuesday 1st December at 5.00 p.m. in the Principal’s Office

Meeting started at 5.05pm with a quorum
Welcome and Karakia  – Jeremy
Present: Jeremy, Mohammed, Darryl, Heather, Peter, Kirsty, Pauline, Leigh (5.10pm)

Meeting administration

2.1     Apologies: Barbara, Leigh (late in)
2.2     Previous Minutes [19th October 2020]
Discussion: Parent portal – getting all parents/whanau on in 2021
Two Board parent members had tried to log in and had been unable. Pauline to follow-up.
Accepted – moved by Jeremy
2.3     Matters Arising



3.1   Finance
Profit and Loss statements School and RTLB
Savings over 2020 – BOT Project to be discussed in 2021
Draft RTLB Budget
Deficit budget due to unspent 2020 LSF included in 2021 so that the money does get spent as required
Accepted – moved by Jeremy
Carried – Unanimously

Draft PIS Budget – deficit budget due to budgeted overstaffing
Approved – moved by Peter, seconded by Darryl
Agreed – unanimously

3.2   Property – monthly report along with Hazard ID and report
Architects are working on the new Admin plans and design. A request that BOT to approve the plans. Pauline agreed to provide the plans to the Board over Christmas.
Fees release request.
Approved  moved by Jeremy
Carried – Unanimously

Front of the school design and plan. The BOT requested they be informed and able to comment and make suggestions. Also suggested that our kaumatua be provided this opportunity also. Pauline agreed

Bikes track paid for.
Container and Bikes will be the school cost. On going maintenance will also be a cost to the school
Moved Kirsty,
seconded Leigh –
Track design approved
Agreed  – unanimously


Principal’s Report  – recommendations

4.1  Dinner tonight – Big Fish at Stonefields

4.2  Charter and Strategic Plan – to be approved
Discussed Springboard PD and Pauline’s involvement
Discussed Community consultation at the start of 2021
Moved  Heather,
seconded Kirsty –
Approved in draft until after consultation
Agreed  – unanimously

4.3   Lunches in schools – Memo of Understanding [approval]
Discussed quantities and management of extra left-over food and rubbish. Availability of leftover food to staff and to be sent home one the same day to whanau.
Discussed that students would not need to bring any food to school because they would be supplied with fruit, snacks and lunches every day.
Discussed the probable impact on attendance and suggested we monitor this.
Moved Leigh,
seconded Mohammed – approved
Agreed  – unanimously

4.4   Draft 2021 Timetable changes
Accepted by the full Board

4.4   Bike Track layout for BoT approval
Discussed applications for funding for Container and bikes
Discussed bike maintenance and recommended buying heavy duty, higher quality bikes
Moved – Kirsty,
seconded – Leigh
Agreed  – unanimously

Principal Appraiser 2021, 2022- Michael Leech, EdSol
Moved – Kirsty,
Seconded – Peter
Agreed  – unanimously


RTLB – Ray was not present at this meeting

5.1  Draft 2021 Budget – in finances
see above in finances – approved
5.2  Draft RTLB Strategic Plan
Moved –  Kirsty,
seconded – Jeremy
Approved in draft  with the final version being available for the meeting in February 2021
Agreed  – unanimously

At 5.50 p.m. Jeremy moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.
Carried                Unanimously
The Board moved to In Committee.
The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at 6.45 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed. Jeremy moved that any actions agreed to in-committee be undertaken by the Principal, Pauline Cornwell.
Carried                               Unanimously




6.1   Safe Schools Infrastructure Programme

Child Protection Policy
Discussion that while the policy and procedures were reviewed no changes had been made since the last review.
Moved – Leigh,
seconded – Kirsty
Accepted – unanimously

 Tabled Correspondence
Discussed Road naming – Board members encouraged to contribute individually
Discussed the requirement for all Property contracts to be accepted and that Jeremy had signed them after they were checked by Pauline and Bronwyn and Watershed
Moved – Jeremy
Tabled Correspondence accepted and approved
Agreed – unanimously


Other Business

7.1   BoT Members present at Supreme Prize Giving –
Wednesday 16th December at 11.00 a.m. [Jeremy, Darryl and Mohammed]
Confirmed – Jeremy to speak

7.2   BoT Members greeting students at Graduation Dance –
16th December at 6.00 p.m. [Jeremy, Darryl, Mohammed and Leigh]

Next Meeting    Monday 15th February 2021 at 6.00 p.m.

Meeting closed at 6.20pm with a Karakia – Darryl

Board Members all proceeded to an end of year dinner where they were thanked for their input over the year.

A vote of thanks was also offered to Barbara as the Board Secretary, in her absence and regret that she was unable to attend due to illness.


Signed ______________________________________________________
BoT Chairperson

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