BoT MINUTES – 26th July 2021

by | Sep 5, 2021


Monday 26th July 2021 at 6.00 p.m.


Jeremy Nicholls [Chairperson], Pauline Cornwell [Principal], Peter Cann and Darryl Wilson [MoE appointed Trustees], Kirsty Ellis [Elected Trustee] and Heather Bates [Staff Elected Trustee]


Leigh Manukau [Elected Trustee] Mohammed Sahu Khan [MoE appointed Trustees] and Sanjeev Kumar [Associate Principal]

In Attendance

Tess Carolissen [Executive Officer], Donna Young [Deputy Principal], Lynn Corderoy [Associate Principal], Tamara Gersbach [RTLB Cluster Manager] and Barbara Ferregel [BoT Secretary]

Thank you, Darryl for the Karakia

Welcome Donna and Lynn – apologies from Sanjeev [maths]

  • Full book will be presented at the August meeting.
  • Presentation of Mid Year Curriculum Reports – Maths, Reading, Writing
    • Donna and Lynn shared the summary with Board Members and members took copies away with them. Donna, Lynn and Sanjeev will be present at the August meeting to answer any questions or queries.
    • Year 7 Mathematics – stanine group should read 5 – 9 not 4 – 9.
      • Please have any questions/queries to Barb before the August meeting – Wednesday 25th
    • Next Steps
      • Maths
        • ‘It is apparent that for the majority of our students to make accelerated progress in Mathematics they do need to continue with a focussed, small-group, collaborative teaching approach. We believe that the attention placed on appropriate digital tools has taken the importance of use of materials and unpacking of questions amongst small groups.
        • Continue to focus on the ‘Pap Int Way’ of effective teaching in Mathematics including: use of materials; small group teaching; questioning and probing; enhancing the use of modelling books; ensuring there is an effective balance between digital and non-digital learning.
      • Reading
        • Continue to focus on the ‘Pap Int Way’ of effective teaching in Reading, including: focused targeted group teaching, questioning and probing students to clarify understanding; enhancing the use of modelling books; ensuring there continues to be an effective balance between digital and non-digital learning.
      • Writing
        • Continue to focus on the ‘Pap Int Way’.
        • Whole staff PD to support teacher capabilities in the use of the Digital Writing programme while e ensuring an appropriate balance between online and offline teaching and learning.
      • The Board have asked the Leaders to provide a 3-year Mid Year data comparison prior to the August Meeting, for discussion at that meeting
      • The Board will be provided with a hard copy


Thank you Lynn and Donna – 6.40 p.m.

Welcome to Tamara Gersbach – RTLB Cluster Manager

–              Tamara’s mihi whakatoa was held on Monday morning, 26th July. Tamara thanked Pauline and the Kapa Haka group.
–              one new RTLB started today – Wendy Kirkbeck
–              one vacancy – short listing tomorrow.
–              Manawanui Cluster 10 report in Board of Trustees Book.
–              Qualitative Report
–              To MoE on the 30th July.
–              There was discussion about the maters raised in the Qualitative Report in regard to

RTLB staffing allocation. And the letter received from the MoE, responding to the Board’s concerns.
Approved           Moved                 Kirsty
Seconded            Darryl
Carried                 Unanimously
–              Tamara will meet with MoE regarding the report and will feed back to the Board of Trustees after this meeting.
–              IT Provider – Entity
–              Developing their own provision
–              Cluster 10 email addresses
–              Change will happen very soon

Thank you Tamara – 6.55 p.m.

7.00 p.m. Finance

Tess Carolissen

  • Commentary discussion and summaries [PIS and RTLB]
    • Members received the financial reports as hard copies at the meeting. Financial papers were emailed to members who had requested them prior to the meeting.
      • Tess covered the reports
        • Term investment – do we look at moving $100K to maybe 3 months. Decision was to hold off at this stage as this money may need to be called on for the Admin Build.
      • Board will receive a clearer picture of alignments by the next Board meeting
      • Financial advisor [Carmel Reardon] from MoE is currently supporting Tess.
  • Recommendations
    • June 2021 Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet be accepted
      • Moved Kirsty
      • Seconded Heather
      • Carried Unanimously
  • Thank you Tess – left the meeting at 7.30 p.m.

Matters Arising

  • Change wording regarding the acceptance of the Cleaning Contract. Remove company quotes, due to commercial sensitivity.
  • Typo ‘actions’
    • With changes made
      • Previous minutes from the 28th June 2021

Moved as a correct record                   Peter
Seconded                                            Darryl
Carried                                                Unanimously  

Principal’s Report 

  • Kahui Ako report
  • Student Graduate Profile and other – banners around the school
  • Resignation at the end of term 1, Room 24 teacher – Taryn Marck new teacher in Room 24. First day Monday 26th
  • Kelly May – new admin person fixed term until the end of this term.


  • Change Teacher Only Union Day from Friday 19th November to Friday 22nd October – to ensure preparations are completed for 2022 prior to Pauline’s leave in Term 4
  • Kapa Haka – Wananga [overnight stay] – 27th – 29th Declined due to the concerns around allocated funds and that the students have time during the school week for the practices.
  • Kapa Haka Rotorua weekend – 24th September – 26th $380.00 per student
    • Board are happy for this to go ahead dependant on the necessary target for fundraising is reached prior to the trip being confirmed on the 17th
    • RAMs will need to be available for the Board to review prior to the weekend.
  • Cleaning – $7500.00 extra cost to clean the bathrooms at the end of morning tea break, until December 2021. This has proven to stop student’s ‘poor’ behaviour around the bathrooms in other schools.
    • Board are happy to trial this until the end of 2021.
  • $100K to be made available for Admin rebuild
  • Bystander Code of Conduct – for students. Pauline explained this to the Board
    • Has proven to provide a dramatic reduction in violent incidents in other schools. The Board approved this in principle.
  • Annual Plan updates – approved by Members
    • Recommendations
      • Approved                    Jeremy
        Seconded                    Peter
        Carried                        Unanimously
  • August meeting will have attendance data from 3 Way Conferences
  • Staff have been granted permission/leave for Covid vaccinations
  • Health and Safety – Caretaker goes to Watershed for training during the school . The focus is mainly Health and Safety updates and interaction with the local Caretakers.


  • Watershed report supplied for June accepted.
    • Moved the Property Report be accepted    Peter
      Seconded                                                   Jeremy
      Carried                                                       Unanimously



  • NZPP Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey 2020 data – tabled
  • SchoolTex – re uniform – generic shorts and skirts available from the Warehouse
  • Reply re RTLB staffing and funding
    • The Board will write another letter in the future to follow up.

General Business

  • Conferences and PD Summary Sheet – completed doc to be presented at the August Meeting.

At 7.55 p.m. Jeremy moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.

  • Carried Unanimously

The Board moved to In Committee.

The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at 8.15 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed.

The Board Chair and Principal agreed to carry out the actions outlined in the ‘in-committee’ meeting.

Meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.

Next Meeting – Monday 30th August at 6.00 p.m.