BoT MINUTES – 30th May 2022

by | Jun 28, 2022

Monday 30th May 2022 6.00 p.m. in the Principal’s Office

Members meet at 5.30 p.m. for a walk around the school – looking at the new Bike Track, Chicken cage and recent developments – this unfortunately was cut short due to heavy rain.

Jeremy Nicholls – [online], Peter Cann [Acting Presiding Member], Mohammed Sahu-Khan and Darryl Wilson – [MoE appointed Trustee], Leigh Manukau and Kirsty Ellis [on line] – [Elected Trustee], Heather Bates [Staff Elected Trustee] and Pauline Cornwell – [Principal]

In Attendance
Bernardine Vester [Returning Officer for BoT Elections], Tamara Gersbach [RTLB Cluster Manager], Donna Young and Lynn Corderoy [EOY Data] and Barbara Ferregel [BoT Secretary]

Thank you, Darryl for the Karakia

Welcome to Tamara Gersbach [RTLB Cluster Manager]
        Tamara had shared the documents listed with all Board Members.
          –  Staffing – currently fully staffed
–  2021 EOY Financial Report
                 Moved accepted      Pauline
                 Seconded                Peter
                 Carried                     Unanimously

  • Financial Declaration for MoE
            Moved                    Pauline
            Seconded               Peter
             Carried                  Unanimously
  • Qualitative Report for Board approval
      Identifies risks to the MoE
  • National survey data report
      Service delivery – rounding up students who have not returned to school. 
        Makes it very hard to close these cases.
  • Local Comparison of RTLB Survey
  • Small surplus from last years finances
      Would like to look at improving parking for disabilities and parking for parents
       [Administration money only can be used in this way]
  • Mileage – RTLBs contract requires they are paid mileage. The are paid well below the IRD recommendation and are required to use their own vehicles for work. Cluster Managers with the support of lead school Principals are pursuing having this increased. It is especially important in the current economic climate.

Tamara left the meeting at 6.20 p.m.

 Welcome to Donna and Lynn– EOY Data Report
 –   Donna checked that the Board had no questions.
  –  Members very happy with the report
–    What effect has lockdown had
      –  May not get a true indication until the EOY 2022
      –  We have not lost any achievement over the ‘covid’ period – attribute this to  using digital tools. [Although for students
where equity is a concern they
have been  disadvantaged over covid]
      –  Social side is showing up more – maturity levels appear to be low. Social   interaction lacking. Monitoring wellbeing data
around Skodel

  –   Donna – Maths
      –  Coping exercise – Pap Int way
·        Looking at growth
          Using modelling book – student can go back to it at any point and use it as a reference.
–    Lynn – EOY Reports were a lot of work for staff, and they all took it on board and worked hard through lockdown to get
these all covered thoroughly and presented.

      –  Curriculum Teams working well

Donna and Lynn left at 6.45 p.m.
Leigh left the meeting at 6.30 p.m.

Jeremy – Corrine Peters at MoE is organising the ‘appointed’ members for the Board.
       These will be appointed before the voting takes place
      Sonya Petrovic sent email to Pauline and Jeremy requesting ‘blurb’ for the advertisement and how else we would like to
advertise the 4 positions.

         –   Advertising
            –  Facebook, website, school links, Neighbourly, School Newsletter and South Auckland Courier.
             – Neighbourly is a social media site and may capture applicants too.

Welcome to Bernardine Vester [Returning Officer]
        Bernardine shared Election process  with the Board
         –  To get number of approximate voters – Multiply the school roll by 1.7 e
         –  Primary school is Year 6 roll multiplied by 1.4.
          – Call for nominations – by email [online] by 15th July
            –  Fill out on line
            –  Will have paper copies available.

  •  Postal election
      Special email to the community advising them of postal option to the election-
  • Online
    –  User code and password – required to have a mobile phone to receive password
    –  Can see candidates online
    –  Voting available online – sent to email address
  • Nomination rules
     –  Anyone on the electoral roll can stand [must live in school zone]
     –  If not on the electoral roll can be nominated by someone who IS on the electoral roll
    ·   Candidate provides a statement and photo
    ·   Consent to publish the statement and photo
       Declare eligibility
       Nomination forms are in 5 languages
       Prepare postal votes
        –   2.61 per vote plus return envelopes.  [approximately $3,000.00]
        –   Problems around security with postal votes
        –   Every paper has its own user code [un-copyable]
        –   Problem with transient families changing addresses – are our addresses correct?
        –   Counting for postal voting
    –  Manual first – scrutinizers can be present
    –  Second count using user codes
    –  Vote log – provides evidence

Money reimbursed by the Ministry up to a certain amount.

Public notices/ad for the Ministry appointed members  on Facebook, Website, School Links and South Auckland Courier along with ‘Neighbourly’ from the 3rd June

 Election dates
        15th July – call for nominations
        5th August – nominations close
        10th August – voting papers distributed
        7th September – Election
        13th September – votes counted
        14th September – New Board take Office.

Bernardine left the meeting at 7.00 p.m.

Discussion held for Board to make the discussion – electronic or postal
–   Possibly lose more voters-  falling through the cracks going postal than we would electronic
                     Moved  that the Board opt for electronic voting             Peter
                     Seconded                                                                      Heather
                     Carried                                                                          Unanimously

Barb [Board Secretary] to advise Bernardine in the morning of Board decision in regard to postal or online election process.

Previous minutes
        from – 28th March 2022
             Moved as a correct record               Pauline
             Seconded                `                       Peter
             Carried                                            Unanimously

Matters arising – Nil

Actions/Agreements from financial report
        Approve the March/April financials
              Moved               Pauline
             Seconded           Peter
             Carried                Unanimously

Principal’s Report
        Shared with the Board in the Board Folder along with financials and property
         –  Gareth has a survey out to families to check if families are in favour of supporting School Camp in November.
         –  Masks at school
             –  Staff are required to wear masks in class
             –  students are encouraged to wear masks in class.
–       Auditors report completed and received the initial report in draft – to be approved at June Meeting.
        –  One minor recommendation
–       Board training
        –  Treaty trip – Journey to Te Tiriti
·              Leigh number 22 on waiting list. [Pauline has given her place to Leigh]
Leigh and Heather to attend
·              This will be happen again later in the year and waiting list people will get first Priority
  Appraisal – Principals
    –  Mike Leach coming to June meeting
  Complaints and policy procedures – TB approved
  Historic and sensitive claim– TB approved
  Protective disclosures – TB approved
  Communicable disease procedure– TB approved
     –  Approval –
·           Accept financial reports and commentaries for March/April 2022
·           Accept Bank Statements and Via approvals provided for PIS, RTLB and
           Papatoetoe Principals
·              Board Assurance Statements for ERO
–    Reviewer – Richard Leilua.
·        2023 Term Dates – we are required to do 386 half days in 2023
–   Delegated authorities
  Search and Seizure authorities and restraint authorities

Moved the Principal’s Report  and all approvals accepted
Moved              Peter
Seconded        Darryl
Carried             Unanimously

Other business
         –  Thank you letter to Blake
         –   Approval for 2022 School Camp sponsorship- Gareth
                         Moved               Peter
                         Carried              Unanimously
        NZSTA Annual Conference in Chch – 7th – 9th October [Email members the programme]
         –   Members need to consider going 
         –  The Conference is after the new Board will take over Office

At 7.30  p.m. Peter moved that the Public be excluded from discussion of confidential items relating to personnel matters because of their sensitive nature.

Carried                     Unanimously

The Board moved to the In Committee meeting.

 The ‘in committee’ discussion closed at 7.55 p.m. and the regular meeting resumed.

The Deputy Board Chair and Principal agreed to carry out the actions outlined in the ‘in-committee’ meeting.

Meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.

Next Meeting on 27th June 2022 at 6.00 p.m.