Cammy Leung

by | Jun 29, 2021

Room 8’s classroom teacher Enthusiastic house leader for Kanuka Piwakawaka PE teacher A little about me and my time at Papatoetoe Intermediate School: I started my teaching career at Papatoetoe where this is my third year teaching.  I have enjoyed getting to know the Papatoetoe area, people and the surroundings, and I am excited to continue integrating with this community. My vision and hopes for our school/my class: My hope is for the class to feel like a second family.  I aim for the students to acknowledge each individual that is part of our classroom, be kind to each other and support each other.  Every child has their own strengths and gaps.  One of the best tools we have in the classroom is for students to work together and help each other build on their strengths and fill those gaps. My vision for our school is to provide opportunities for each student to grow, where students are able to: – Make mistakes in a safe and comfortable environment and know that they can learn from these mistakes. – Perform to their best ability – Challenge themselves to give things a go and push out of their comfort zone – Have a strong sense of identity and belonging – Identify and utilise their skills and tools/resources around them in order to problem solve and achieve a task – Effectively use digital technologies Ultimately, for the students to know their own potential that they can reach and aim for higher as they continue to pursue their life endeavours. A bit more about me: I was born in Hong Kong, but raised in New Zealand from the age of only 3 months old.  With a multicultural background, I strongly believe in fostering cultural awareness within the classroom.  I come from an artsy family of five, and have completed a Bachelor of Culinary Arts.  I am passionate about food, playing sports, and enjoy going for hikes/exploring.