Gabby Frank

by | Jul 21, 2021

Classroom teacher Room 3
PE teacher with a love of mathematics and art

A little about me and my time at Papatoetoe Intermediate School:
I am a fourth year teacher.  I’ve spent all of those years here at Papatoetoe Intermediate after completing my final university placement here.  I have lived in Papatoetoe for the majority of my life and love being able to work in this community as well.  I love the rich culture and ethic diversity of Papatoetoe and being able to work alongside these students everyday is so rewarding.

My vision and hopes for our school/my class:
I pride myself on being able to create a positive class culture with my students.  The hope I have for the students in my class is that they are able to form positive relationships with those that are different from them throughout their lives.  Relationship building and positive socialising is incredibly important to me, it is just as important as being academically successful.  I hope that my students are able to develop a love for learning, but that they are also able to recognise what it means and looks like to be a good person.

A bit more about me:
I am the only girl of four children in my family, and I am an aunty to three nieces and a nephew.  I love spending my spare time with my family and friends, creating art and playing football.  I’m playing football this year for Franklin United and love the challenges and experiences that come with playing a team sport.