Lilien Skudder

by | Jun 15, 2021

Room 1 Classroom Teacher
Kahui Ako leader: Across school leader
PE  specialist teacher
Environmental Warrior
Coach: Softball, Volleyball, Rugby League, Touch, Tag, Netball
Tongan Cultural Group teacher and Head of the School Chess Club

A little about me and my time at Papatoetoe Intermediate School:
I am an experienced teacher with five years of classroom teaching.  During this time, I have taken on multiple roles and responsibilities.  Through my work as an Accross-School Leader, I am fostering collaboration and communication between different teachers and homes, helping to create a more cohesive and effective school community.  My dedication to teaching PE and coaching various sports teams and clubs shows that I value the importance of physical activity and teamwork in our students’ lives.  I have likely helped students develop valuable skills in these areas, while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.  My passion for environmentalism is pure enjoyment.  By promoting sustainability and conservation, I am helping to inspire the next generation to take action and care for the planet.

My vision and hopes for our school/my class:
My vision and hopes for our school is to make a positive impact on students, colleagues and our school community as a whole.

A bit more about me:
I am a Tongan born strong woman from a family of 5 siblings.  My family takes up a lot of my time outside of work but that is the one thing that keeps me anchored, accountable and happy.  I have a home in Fiji in a village called Tomuka in Latoka.