Maddy Cooke

by | Mar 22, 2023

PE teacher with a love of digital technologies and game based learning.
Totara House Leader
Sports Academy
Health Curriculum Leader
William Pike Challenge

A little about me and my time at Papatoetoe Intermediate School:
I have been teaching for four years having started my fifth year here at Papatoetoe Intermediate school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Papatoetoe Intermediate so far. The students, staff and wider community really show how amazing and diverse we are here in South Auckland.

My vision and hopes for our school/my class:
Along with the school’s ‘STAR’ values – Safety, Trust, Attitude, and Respect, I promote having a positive classroom environment where students will build relationships with their peers in positive ways. I encourage the students to be inquisitive about the world around them, and to explore the topics that are ahead of us for 2021 with an open mind.

A bit more about me:
So who am I? I am of New Zealand Croatian decent with a strong family link not only to the area but also Papatoetoe Intermediate School. Growing up it was – “do as much as you can”, “make the most of every experience that you are presented with” in return I have a love of the music and arts, football, cricket, surfing, and ultimately the feel of success after hard work and failure that come with it. What I believe has been key in forming who I am is resilience, self determination, and the support of those around me. These are three key values I strive to instil on those students I have pleasure to teach.