NEWSLETTER No. 17. October 2021

by | Oct 20, 2021

What’s on in Term 4 ……..- 

Contributing schools Year 6 students visiting this term  – this is likely to be a virtual Tour shared with Primary Schools and added to our Website

Picnic Day – TBC we will try to have these as a celebration of the efforts students, staff and whanau have made over this extraordinary year

Prize Givings – TBC whether online or with limited guests

Monday 13th December
Award Ceremonies and Graduation – under review
Graduation Dance in the evening is under review

Wednesday 15th December
11.00 a.m. Supreme Prize Giving – currently under review

Thursday 16th December
Final day for our Year 8 students

Friday 17th December
Final day for Year 7 students. Students will be released at 1.00 p.m.


Term 4 started on Monday and staff were all looking forward to seeing their awesome students online in their digital classrooms.
No matter what Alert Level we are in we have planned for a fun and successful term ahead – teachers have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we enjoy Term 4.

Government announcement on the 20th October 2021
1)   Years 11, 12 and 13 will be able to attend secondary school from next Tuesday. Please check secondary schools websites etc. in regards to this.
2) Primary schools, including Papatoetoe Intermediate School, will not be open except for the children of essential workers who have no other care options.
3) Pap Int. will continue learning online. If whanau need resources they should contact their child’s classroom teacher, or our school office. The MOE will inform primary schools and schools catering for Year 9 and 10 students next Tuesday 26/10 regarding further plans. After that notification our school will send an update to whanau.
4) Please note that all online traffic on a school owned device is monitored by Linewize. Please make sure that the school device is not being used for any other purpose. We have had to contact whanau about ‘inappropriate use’ of school devices that has been notified to our school by Linewize. We appreciate all the support that families have provided in these situations.
5) All staff working in schools, along with volunteers, contractors must have had their first vaccination by 15 November.
6) All staff, volunteers and contractors working in schools must provide a negative COVID test prior to returning to school in order to be safely with students.  Papatoetoe Intermediate School has been gathering this information for some time now and whanau considering whether or not to send their children back to our school, when opportunity arises, can be assured that every person on site will meet both negative test and vaccine requirements.
7) When we are able to return to school we will share safety plans to all whanau prior to returning. We will also ask whanau to confirm whether or not their child will return so that we can be well prepared. Once students are able to return to school teachers’ focus will be with the students in-class rather than on online learning.
8) There is no school (online or in-school at Level 3) on Friday 22 October (due to a pre-scheduled ‘Union’ Day) or on Monday (Labour Day). The school office will be closed.
9) Written reports are being collated for all students enrolled at our school and will be available as usual at the end of the school year. Please update your home address if you have moved house since enrolling your child.
10) Our school encourages all people who are eligible to be vaccinated as soon as possible.
We are starting to gather information about vaccinations for students over 12 years of age.
If your child has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and you wish that to be recorded by our school please provide the vaccination certificate to .  This information is requested (not required) so that in the event of an active exposure in or around school we can be sure of the levels of risk posed to individuals and their whanau.
All staff members are required to provide proof of a negative COVID test before they return to work with students. All staff members, and people coming into schools, must provide proof of a negative test on a weekly basis OR proof of a COVID vaccination by 15 November 2021.

Please click on the link below: Community Consultation

THANK YOU TO PRACHI FROM ROOM 23 FOR HER LETTER to all the Teachers out there……

Dear Teachers of New Zealand,
My name is Prachi and I am 13 years old, and a student at Papatoetoe Intermediate. I am writing to you to thank you for your dedication to serving our community during lockdown.
I really appreciate our wonderful teachers taking time out of their day and making sure we have all the right resources for us students to learn. You guys work so hard! Waking up early for meetings, staying up all night to mark our work and so much more! Even during this difficult time, you teachers make sure students aren’t struggling and help us with whatever we need. I couldn’t be more thankful for everything you all have done.
This time is hard, challenging and scary but you all put so much effort into turning this into something positive. I really appreciate the hard work and commitment you have made for us students to be where we are today. I feel safer knowing that I can count on you when I need it. You all make a huge difference in our world and we couldn’t be more thankful.
Each and every single one of you are such great role models. We see you as responsible, reliable and honestly a superhuman! The sacrifices you have made for us will never be forgotten!
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
Yours sincerely,

Thank you Room 4
“In Room 4 there is a balance between school and fun and now we are in lockdown number 2.0. Back to online learning, but don’t forget to try and balance fun and school. So far, learning has been simple and manageable. My class has been doing normal school work and since we are at home learning, our teacher has been trying her best to make work doable and less stressful as well as being a bit hard to challenge us. Our 1:30 meetings have been fun. How are they fun? We play games and compete with each other during Kahoot. A side note is that lockdown may be boring but my teacher and classmates have tried to make it interesting and fun.”

Thank you to Room 24 for this Newsletter article

At the beginning of Term 3, room 24 was introduced to their new teacher. This meant that new relationships and new class expectations were being set. It was a new learning experience for everyone and we all supported each other during this time. Then COVID – 19 found its way to New Zealand again and we went into lockdown, week 4, Term 3. As a class we had to navigate our way through online learning.

While we were in lockdown the students learnt about area, perimeter and measurement in Maths, in reading the students did a novel study, read Maori myths and legends for Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori and read articles on Kiwikids News. For writing the students focused on explanation writing, narrative writing and creating their own books on Book Creator. The students have also been doing science, social sciences, Te Reo and celebrating language weeks. The students have been hard working, engaged and participating in class meetings which has made the online learning experience a lot more enjoyable.

Room 24 are looking forward to being back in the classroom and getting to see their friends and teachers. We are keeping positive and making sure that we keep communicating and supporting each other.

Lockdown Reflections from Room 24
Write a list of 10 things you appreciate about being in lockdown or have learnt to appreciate

Student 1
1. I appreciate still doing school online with my peers and teachers.
2.  I appreciate staying home and relaxing.
3.  I learned to appreciate being in lockdown with my siblings.
4.  I appreciate that I am still keeping in touch with my friends/family
5.  I learned to appreciate eating vegetables and not McDonald’s
6.  I appreciate my teachers for teaching me and my peers during lockdown
7.  I appreciate my parents for working so hard to me and my siblings
8.  I appreciate that it is almost the holidays
9.  I appreciate that it is spring
10. I appreciate life and nature for we would not breath without it.

Student 2
1. I appreciate spending time with my family
2.  I appreciate having a roof over my head
3.  I appreciate having helpful sisters
4.  I appreciate having food to eat every day
5.  I appreciate having a kind and loving family
6.  I appreciate staying in touch with others during lockdown
7.  I appreciate seeing my teacher online everyday
8.  I appreciate seeing my family everyday
9.  I appreciate the school work that I do
10. I appreciate having kind friends.

Student 3
1. I appreciate being at home because I get to spend more time with my family
2.  I appreciate getting to watch movies with my siblings
3.  I appreciate playing games with my siblings
4.  I appreciate watching youtube
5.  I appreciate being able to help by siblings read books
6.  I appreciate studying with my brothers
7.  I appreciate exercising each day
8.  I appreciate playing sport
9.  I appreciate playing video games
10. I appreciate eating with my family.

Everyone aged 12 years and over can now be vaccinated

Everyone in Aoteraroa New Zealand aged 12 years and over can now book their free COVID-19 vaccination.

  • The Ministry of Health advises that two doses of the Pfizer vaccine are necessary to protect each other, our whānau and our community against the Delta variant of the virus.
  • Reservations can be made through – when booking appointments remember to stay local and book as close to home as possible.
  • If you have questions or need help booking, call the COVID Vaccination Healthline 0800 28 29 26.
  • It may be able to book directly at your local general practice, community pharmacy or hauora provider. For more information visit Healthpoint or Karawhiua.
  • If your child has received 2 doses of the Vaccination please email our school at  advising us of this and also include in your email either a scanned copy or photo of their COVID Vaccination record  card showing the dates the vaccinations were given.

Keep children and whanau safe by making sure that everyone who can get a vaccine, does.


Applications for in zone enrolments are still open. Out of zone applications have closed and all families have been notified.
Application Packs for in zone students are available on our School Website  or from the Papatoetoe Intermediate School Office.
Current Year 7 students ARE NOT required to re-enrol for their Year 8 year in 2022.


Secondary School Enrolments for 2022 

Each Secondary School is continuing to have their own messages regarding enrolments during lockdown.
We strongly recommend that you make contact with the Secondary School you are wishing to enrol your child in for 2022 via their website and contact email address if you have any queries regarding enrolments. SOME secondary schools have extended their ‘out of zone’ enrolment dates.
Queries regarding:
–   Papatoetoe High School: please contact  
–   Otahuhu College – please contact

Papatoetoe High School
You are able to pick up and drop off in-zone and out-of-zone enrolment forms from the school office – 9am to 3pm. Remember that originals of most documents can be photocopied and verified at the school office.
Out-of-zone enrolment applications close on Wednesday 20 October 2021.
Please email for any queries re enrolment:

From Ōtāhuhu College:
We hope this message finds you and your whanau safe and well. I would like to acknowledge the difficult time our communities are living through and how strong and resilient we have remained. Please take care out there.
If you would like to enrol your child with Ōtāhuhu College for 2022 please access our Ōtāhuhu College website. Click on the ENROL tab and follow the instructions.
Please enrol online or you can make an appointment to meet with me this term. If you would like any further information please contact me by email: or text your name, the word enrolment and your mobile number to 021 0827 0931.
Kia noho haumaru, stay safe

De La Salle College
Please go to our College website to download and print an enrolment pack or come into our College Office to pick one up in Level 2.
Website Link:
Any further queries please email:    or call our Enrolment Officer on 276 4319 ext 816 during term time 8am-4pm