Newsletter No. 2 – 23rd February 2023

by | Feb 27, 2023

No. 2 – 23rd February 2023


Important Term 1 dates


Monday 27th February
Teacher Union meeting – to support teachers, we ask parents to collect their children at 1pm
Study Centre and buses will run at the usual time.  See permission slips

Tuesday 28th February
South/West Zone boys Softball

Friday 3rd March
South/West Zone boys Softball – Saving Day
Swimming Festival at Papatoetoe Pools

Tuesday 7th March
South/West Zone girls Softball
Sleeping Beauty Opera in School Tour – all students will attend

Wednesday 8th March – Friday 10th March
Blake Explorers Camp – selected Y8 students

Thursday 9th March
South/West Zone girls Softball – Saving Day

Tuesday 14th March
Interzone Boys Softball

Wednesday 15th March
Interzone Girls Softball

Thursday 16th March
Year 7 visit to Manurewa Marae. No cost – a limit of 300 year 7 students to attend.  Permission slips to be returned ASAP
Student Leaders to William Buck in the City

Wednesday 22nd March
Interzone Girls and Boys Swimming

Friday 24th February
Exhibitions of Learning

Monday 27th March – Thursday 30th March
EOTC Week – see details later, cost $20 per student.  Permission required.

Tuesday 28th March
South/West Zone Boys and Girls Tag

Thursday 30th March
South/West Zone Boys and Girls Tag – Saving Day

Sunday 2nd April
Daylight saving finished – turn your clocks back one hour

Tuesday 4th April
Year 8 HPV Vaccinations
Interzone Boys and Girls Tag

Wednesday 5th April
Class Photos – Photolife

Thursday 6th April
Final Day of Term 1



Welcome to Mrs Adele van Zyl (Room 8) and Mrs Cara Robinson (Room 18) who both started on Monday 20 February. 

If you have a problem, a concern, a complaint of any kind please contact your child’s classroom teacher. If you believe the matter is serious or if you feel that the matter has not been resolved contact your child’s Syndicate Leader;

If the problem remains unresolved  or is very serious please contact Donna Young (DP) or Pauline Cornwell (Principal)
Email is the most effective way of contacting any staff member – they are required to respond within 24 hours and to keep whanau updated.

School is closing at 1pm on the Monday 27 February – Teacher Union Meeting

‘Knowing the Learner’ – Make sure you have booked your whanau appointment with the teacher.

Dropping off and picking up your child safely

    • Please make sure you park safely and do not obstruct pedestrian crossings and driveways – our neighbours are very supportive and we care for them
    • Park away from the school entrances to avoid congestion
    • Set a safe drop off and pick up place away from the school entrance to avoid congestion
    • Make sure your child uses the crossings, gets out of the car at a safe place and does not run across the road – children have been seriously hurt on our busy roads

Our students’ safety is our top priority.
Please do not come into the school grounds or turn in the school driveways, or park over the school pedestrian areas.


Gates open at 8am and close at 4pm. We cannot provide any supervision before and after this time. Please make other arrangements if you need to drop off your child before 8am or pick them up after 4pm. It is not safe to leave them waiting outside the school gates unsupervised.


Study Centre: Monday – Thursday 3pm – 4.30pm
Enrolments for our Study Centre are currently being taken. Enrolment forms are available through the school office. Students must attend on the days stated.  Parents/Caregives are required to contact the Centre regarding absences.


Kickstart Breakfasts are provided in the Food Room from 8am. If your child needs or wants breakfast please ensure they go to the Food Room. Students can join anytime during the year. They can attend occasionally or regularly. The Breakfast Club will start Monday 27 March.  

If you would like to help with these breakfasts please Nawinta Prasad (AP) 

From time to time we hold a special breakfast event and help is always appreciated on those days.

Alternatively you can contact Linda Nicholls


EOTC – Education Outside of the Classroom.

At Papatoetoe Intermediate School we are committed to ‘Creating and Pursuing Opportunities’.

EOTC in 2023 will run from Monday 27 March to Thursday 30 March (inclusive) cost $20

Activities  will include:
Coast to Coast walk – incorporating the history of Auckland and local land features
In-school Sports Spectacular – involved in a range of sporting activities
Marine Conservation Trip – to a local conservation centre learning about the sea, tides, water conservation and swimming if permission is given
Kayaking – a trip to Orakei to learn about the area and also participating in some water safety and kayaking activities

Students not attending any of the activities will be provided with in-school activities.


Chromebooks and online learning – our school provides online learning opportunities that can be used both at home and at school (e.g. Maths Whizz and Wheelers online). We have devices available for every student. Students are also able to bring their own devices and  need permission for that. 

Chromebooks are issued for the year and students are required to look after their personally issued device. Devices do not go home except in an emergency (e.g. during COVID). 

To be issued with a Chromebook your child must participate in a cybersafety training seminar in class and return a permission slip agreeing to follow our school rules about the use and care of their device

If your child damages the chromebook, or does not care for it as they should, they may be restricted from using the device. If they use the device incorrectly or break the rules (e.g. bullying emails or access the internet in a way that is unacceptable) they may have their access stopped or restricted. 

We can, and do, from time to time, check students’ internet accounts. If your child’s account has been used to access the internet in an unacceptable manner or if they have been involved in unacceptable online behaviour we will contact you and their access may be restricted. 

Please make sure your child does not share their passwords with any other person. We cannot accept the excuse that someone else was using their account.



Over the Christmas holidays our new administration block was completed and our admin and management team have settled in nicely.  All visitors to the school must now come to the office via Great South Road, no visitors will be able to park inside the school grounds unless this has been arranged with a member of the senior management team.  Parking at the front of the school is available long term after 8:45am and before 3pm.

We encourage students to spend the entire day at school, but if for any reason they need to leave early they will need to be signed out by a listed parent/caregiver or emergency contact, we cannot release students to people we do not have listed on our student management system.  If you would like to have additional people listed to collect your child/ren please let the office know.

The student pedestrian gates will be locked at 8:45am and any students arriving after this time will need to come through the Admin area at Great South Road to sign in.  Gates will be reopened at 3pm for students to leave, this is to keep your tamariki safe while here at school.  Please remind your children that if they are late they must sign in at the office or your may receive a text message stating they are not at school.  As we have a lot of new students and some new teachers, very occasionally students may be missed being marked on the register.  If you have received a text to say your child is not at school and to your knowledge they are here, please call the office and the admin team will be happy to investigate this for you.  Please bear with us while we all settle into a new year.



What is Educa?

Educa is a simple, safe online tool for teachers to capture and share children’s learning with families.
Educa creates a digital record of your child’s learning journey called an ‘online portfolio’.
With Educa, you can view updates about your child’s learning and progress, make comments, leave feedback and communicate with educators.

What can I do with Educa?

  • View stories, photos and video updates about your child’s learning
  • Share your own photos, stories and videos relating to your child’s learning with your child’s educators
  • Invite family members like grandparents, aunties and uncles to view your child’s updates
  • Communicate with educators by leaving comments
  • Download your child’s portfolio as a keepsake once they move on to a new school or preschool

To get started with Educa:

  1. Accept your email invitation

There should be an invitation waiting for you in your inbox.  Make sure you click the link in the email to accept your invitation to join Educa.

  1. Download the ‘Educa Touch’ App for your smartphone
  2. Bookmark your Educa URL in your browser

Once you accept your invitation, you’ll be sent a URL where you can access Educa.

  1. Invite extended family to join your child’s profile on Educa
  2. Add your profile photo, and start commenting on dashboard messages and sharing your own stories!

Making comments and engaging with your child’s learning profile is a great way to add your voice to their learning journey and comment with educators.



The caregiver, or parent portal gives you immediate access to all of your own child’s/children’s data in Edge.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • The caregiver and student information we have on file (Please check this information and let the office know if any details are incorrect or need to be updated)
  • Students Attendance
  • Mid-year and End of year reports – these can be downloaded as PDF for your records
  • School Payments


To activate this feature:

Go to  Enter the email address we have on file for you and click Forgot Password.  An email will then be sent to your email inbox.  Click on the link within the email to set up a login.

Once logged in you will see the Home page.  From here you can see contact details and school announcements.  From here you can also change your edge password.  You can also select the student profile you wish to view at the top of the page (if you have more than 1 child at our school).


THANK YOU TO ROOM 12 and Room 14 for their article for this Newsletter

Room 12

Walking into Pap Int as a Year 8 I think about having to have a responsible mindset, and how this will help our journey to high school. Experiencing a new challenge through life and having to have that positive energy throughout the year. In 2022 I was full of emotions that I couldn’t explain, I was nervous, excited and unsure of myself and myself as a learner. I began to think I was unable to achieve the goals I set my mind to. But that changed. Making mistakes is how we learn, and if I didn’t make the mistakes I did last year I wouldn’t be where I am today.
To the Year 7’s and well anyone – especially those who are unsure about themselves and aren’t confident about what they want to do my advice to you all is simple; go for it – you only live your life once. Set your mind to what you want to – take ownership in the choices that you make, and be mature about it. There are so many opportunities here, and everyone is there for you, supporting you as you go – intermediate is full of change, but it is also full of opportunity.
Suega – Year 8 – Room 12


Room 14

Malo e lelei, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Buluvanake and greetings to you all. My name is Mino and I am in room 14. Today I will be filling you in on our first four weeks of school here in Papatoetoe Intermediate.

Our first week was cancelled due to the flooding here in Auckland. That news brought joy to my ears because I had an extra week to get myself into a school routine. Then the news saddened me as I heard about the devastation that many people have suffered through. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

Week two I walked into a new class, with a  new teacher along with it. This year we have a new teacher, Mr. Wickman, he is new to Papatoetoe Intermediate. He has new and different expectations and strategies for us to learn. I totally think he is doing this to get us to focus on our learning.

My goals for this year is to be a good classmate, play lots of sports and try hard in school. These goals will help me get into the High School I want to go to next year. I also have academic goals so that I am ready for high school and all the hard work we have to do there.

2023 should be a good year with lots of opportunities. Don’t forget to be awesome.
Mino – Room 14



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