Newsletter – No. 8 – 19th May 2022

by | May 19, 2022

No. 8 – 19th May 2022


Important Term 2 dates


Thursday 19th May
Project WY students to Motat

Friday 20th May
Pink Shirt Day
Students are encouraged to show their support for Bully free week (NZ) by adding a pink accessory to their school uniform.

Monday 23rd May to the 1st July
Life Education Caravan in school
Blake NZ – VR in school all week

Tuesday 24th May
SW Zone girls football (Thursday 26th May – SD)

Monday 30th May
6.00 p.m. Board Meeting in the Principal’s Office

Tuesday 31st May
SW Zone boys football (Thursday 2nd June – SD)

Monday 6th June
School closed – Queens Birthday

Thursday 9th June and Monday 13th June
Tree Planting in the school with Trees for Survival

Monday 13th June
Interzone Year 7 Girls Football

Tuesday 14th June
SW Zone Boys and Girls rugby (Thursday 16th June – SD)
Interzone Year 8 Girls Football

Thursday 16th June
Interzone Year 8 Boys Football

Thursday 23rd June
Student Leaders out all day at training

Friday 24th June
Matariki – School Closed

Monday 27th June
6.00 p.m. Board Meeting in the Principal’s Office

Tuesday 28th June
Interzone Boys Rugby (Tuesday 5th July – SD)

Wednesday 29th June
Interzone Girls Rugby (Wednesday 6th July – SD)

June – mixed days
Everyday Theatre in the school over the course of this month

Tuesday 5th July
SW Zone Girls Hockey

Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th July
School closes at 2.00 p.m. – 3 Way Conferences [more information will be circulated closer to the time]

Wednesday 6th July and Thursday 7th July
Wearable Arts show – 6.00 – 7.00 p.m – in the school gymnasium
All whanau invited (please wear masks)

Thursday 7th July
SW Zone Boys Hockey

Friday 8th July
End of Term 2

Monday 24th July
Term 3 starts



Its Bully free week (NZ) and we are all thinking about how we can make our class, school and community safer.  We encourage all students, whanau and community members to:

  • Report – to someone who can help stop any bullying or acts of agression or violence.
  • Support – those people who are victims of bullying and those who are caught in a cycle of bullying or agression
  • Speak out – against bullying, any form of discrimination, racism, put down’s, exclusive or derogatory comments.

We all want our children to grow happy and strong in a peaceful community
Show your support on Friday by wearing something ‘pink’.




Recent media have highlighted the need for all agencies and neighbours to be proactive in ‘looking out’ for those who are in violent relationships or possible victims of abuse.  The Police have a great resource that can help us decide what and how to keep our women and children safer.




Board Elections are in September 2022, for a three year term. Please consider if you have the talents, experience and commitment which would contribute to the governance of Papatoetoe Intermediate School. Board members have a significant and very important role, including employment of staff, property and finance, health and safety, strategic direction, accountability and representation.

If you are interested in finding out more about being a Board member please contact our Board Secretary – Barbara Ferregel ( or one of our Board members who will be happy to answer questions. Information about our Board can be found on our school website.

Interested community members are welcome at meetings. If you would like to know about attending meetings also contact the Board Secretary.




We have been privileged to be a proud Duffy School and are always grateful for all the books we receive.  We would also like to thank Latitude Finance Company for being our funding partners as we couldn’t have done it without them.

We are doing the Duffy reading challenge at the moment and lots of classes are participating in this.  We hope we all will reach the end of the challenge together in big numbers.



SCHOOL PLANNING AND REPORTING – Targeted consultation Whānau and community

Kia ora, ngā mihi ki a koe

Schools and kura will soon need to change how they plan and report at the school level.  Your feedback will help us know what the law (regulations) should say for schools and kura to work best with you too:

  • Plan – so that school/kura know what needs to happen, and when to make school/kura work better for all students, including your child.
  • report – so whānau and community are involved with regularly checking on progress and improving results.

We’ll also be able to help create guidance for whānau and communities about how schools can build good relationships and processes in order to plan and report well.

This survey will remain open until 5pm, Friday 3rd June 2022.

Participation in this survey is voluntary.
We will be collecting your role in relation to the school community, alongside your feedback, so that we can understand the context.
Feedback will be received by the Ministrty of education.
At the close of the survey period, feedback from all participants will be analysed by the Ministry of Education and a summary will be created.  This summary may be made publicly available, it will not include any personally identifiable information.




We have many students who bring their mobile phones to school and are welcome to do so.  For safety and privacy reasons during the day these phone are securley locked away in the office.  We would appreciate it, if your child brings their phone to school that the office have a record of their numbers on file in case of unforeseen circumstances, for example they misplace their phone and would like for us to call it.  This information will be securley kept and only relevant staff members would have access to this.




A survey has gone to parents this week about camp, please check your emails.

Every odd year our school goes on camp, this is scheduled near the end of this year and preparations are starting to be undertaken to plan this exciting event.

We would like to give you an estimated cost, which will be approximately $180 – $200 per student, so that you can start preparing for this.

More details will be provided throughout the year and as we get closer to the event.



THANK YOU TO ROOM 20 for their article for this Newsletter


In Room 20, we have been learning loads about bullying. What is bullying?  What does it look like?  Where does it happen and Why? Before, Room 20 felt that no one should be getting bullied and now we feel that we should do something positive about it.

Room 20 students have made us posters.  Why shouldn’t we Bully people?  You shouldn’t bully due to the fact that you will never recogonize what they are going through at home or simply in widespread.  Bullying absolutely hurts people through mentally and physically.

Bullying can come in all different shapes and sizes.  Verbal (words), Physical (action), Social (Relationships).  Verbal could be name calling, taunting or insults.  Physical bullying can be pushing, hitting and kicking.  Social includes spreading rumours and turning friends against each other.

Bullying can also cause self harm, depression and even suicide.  Remember to be careful with what you say to others and how you treat others.