Robert Pether

by | Jun 17, 2021

Room 15 Classroom Teacher.
PE teacher with a passion for digital technology
English and foreign languages

A little about me and my time at Papatoetoe Intermediate School:
I started off my teaching career in Taichung, Taiwan teaching ESL (English as a Second Language), from that moment on I knew teaching was what I wanted to do.  I’m in my 5th year of teaching, but this is my first year teaching at Papatoetoe Intermediate.  Really looking forward to making a positive difference in the Papatoetoe learning community.

My vision and hopes for our school/my class:
My vision is for our schooling community to continue moving in a positive direction towards more integration of student voice, community and technology in the learning process.

A bit more about me:
I grew up in a big family with 2 younger sisters and a younger brother in East Auckland.  I enjoy football, rugby league and basketball.  I can speak mandarin and am always learning about new languages and cultures.