Planning for Wednesday 10th November, after  Auckland goes to Level 3 stage 2 at 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday 9th November.
Parents/ Caregivers if you must go back to work and need care for your children please
  • Contact your child’s classroom teacher to arrange for your child to come to school

  • We encourage you to have your children who are 12 years and over vaccinated. We also encourage you to have them to be tested prior to coming to school. This is a suggestion not a requirement

  • If you do need to bring your child to school please note:

    • Parents/ Caregivers will not be able to get out of their cars if they come on site. Only the Motatau Road entrance will be open because of the work being done at the Great South Road entrance which will be locked until the 15 November

    • Your child should wear a mask and have a bottle of water, and on their first day, have lunch – just in case

    • Please bring their chromebook back to school – so they can continue on line learning

  • To make arrangements or ask questions please contact your child’s teacher or the school office

  • Please do not just turn up on Monday morning as we do need to have safety arrangements in place.